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The Lily Pad Project

Afghanistan Evacuation Mission

September 2021- Ongoing

Since the end of September 2021, Elpida Home has undertaken the temporary relocation of 360 displaced individuals from Afghanistan to Greece. Those at risk escaped thanks to the efforts of our founder, Amed Khan, who quickly contacted the Greek government to ensure their immediate and safe entry into Greece.

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The Greek government created a safe corridor for those evacuated from Afghanistan – mainly female former parliamentarians, female human rights activists, judges and lawyers with their families – before their subsequent relocation to other countries, including the US and Canada.

The groups in question consist of 17 Afghan women parliamentarians, 4 judges, as well as many other female activists, medical professionals and their families, who were on the Taliban’s death lists after the fall of Kabul.

The Scope

The Scope of Lily Pad Project - Afghanistan Evacuation Mission - Elpida Home

The project’s objective is to cover all basic needs and provide services to the displaced until they are resettled in their final destination.

The scope extends to housing, food assistance, care, non-formal education, protection and legal support mainly in relation to Canadian and/or US visa applications.

All families are provided with high quality services that cover all their basic needs throughout their stay in Greece.

Services Provided

More specifically, Elpida Home provides:
  • Accommodation

  • Food & NFI

  • Medical Support

  • Mental Health & Protection

  • Social Services Support

  • Access to the Greek public education system & non-formal education through partnerships

  • Legal Case & Resettlement

  • Transportation

Our community center serves as a sustainable integration hub from which a range of services can reach Thessaloniki’s most vulnerable communities. The aim is for communities to access these services and engage in available programs and opportunities for their own empowerment.
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