Elpída Home is an innovative non-governmental organization committed to providing a humane, dignified, and empowered living experience for refugees.

Elpída Home carries out this mission through its role as founder and SMS actor of an official refugee reception centre in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Elpída Home has taken a pioneering approach to service provision and camp coordination at a critical juncture in the migration crisis.  Operating under the principles of co-design and co-implementation, Elpída Home staff, volunteers, and residents work together in program design and implementation.

Elpída Home’s program is not simply disaster response; rather, Elpída is a pilot program in refugee reception, that secures community participation and provides dignity and agency. This is achieved by looking beyond basic needs, sustaining hopes as well as life, while remaining cost-efficient and sustainable. Such an approach is essential in the refugee response in Greece, as the shift from emergency response to long-term solutions continues.




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