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Anonymous Browsing

Users can browse the websites without revealing any personal information.

Monitoring Website Traffic

Elpida Home monitors general trends in the use of its websites.

Elpida Home uses the information to generate statistics and measure the websites’ activity in order to improve the usefulness of the websites. This information is never connected with any personal information you supply to Elpida Home if you register for one of Elpida Home’s services, online orders or make a credit card payment.


Tracking website traffic involves the use  of cookies, small pieces of code that are stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are  small data files consisting of letters and numbers that are placed on your computer or other mobile devices when you access the website.  Elpida Home uses cookies to  collect information about you to the extent necessary to ensure the functionality and performance of its website, as well as for the purpose of targeting its audience and adapting the content offered to the public both on its website and elsewhere.  We send  cookies  when you visit  our website,  respond to online surveys or polls or request  information. Accepting the cookies used on the website does not give us access to your personal information, but we can use cookies to  identify your computer.

When you visit the websites, certain information is collected, such as the website that referred you to Elpida Home, your IP address, your browser and the type of machine you use, as well as navigation information such as the files you download, the pages you visit and the dates / times of these visits.

You are free to reject cookies if your browser allows it, although in this case  you may not be able to use certain features on the websites  and you may be asked to re-enter information more often to use certain services on the websites.

The encrypted information collected by cookies is  used to understand the performance  of our website, to  improve your experience when using it and to remind you of our work and how you can support us after you leave the website in a relevant way. However, this information is anonymous and based on behavior rather than personally distinctive features.

How cookies are used  on the website

Elpida Home wishes to be transparent with users about how we use cookies, so that you are clear about how to protect your privacy when using the website.

We use cookies for the following reasons:

To improve your experience on  our website – Cookies allow us to ensure that we provide you with content that is relevant to  your interests, while we value content that is not relevant to you. For example, cookies can tell us if you have shown interest in learning about a particular action to ensure that the next time you visit the website  of Elpida Home, information about this action will take precedence over other content. In the same way, cookies can  tell us if, for example, you have filled out a form or signed a report so that we do not present it to you the next time  you visit  our website. Cookies  can also help us  understand other factors related to your visit and can help us improve your experience on the website , such as: from which part of the world you visit, if you came to the site  due to an email or social media post we sent you, or if your site’s browser  supports the various technologies used on the  Hope Home website.

To understand the performance of the Hope Home website and other communication efforts.

Cookies help us provide us with  anonymous statistics that tell us how many users visit  our website,  where they come from and how they interact with it. This information is very useful to be able to see which pages and content on  the Hope Home website are most popular, so that we can modify them accordingly. The data collected through cookies  can also help us understand how our other activities, such as social media content and emails, affect the use of the website.

To improve the relevance of the campaign and marketing messages that appear to you after you leave our site –

Cookies can help us ensure that you receive personalized advertising banners from advertising services when you browse other websites, based on the content with which you interacted on the website. For example, cookies can tell us if you are visiting a web page about a particular action so that they can display campaign messages about that particular action when you visit another website. None of Hope Home’s business partners providing such services collect or use personally identifiable information.

Ad performance – We want to keep a close eye on our advertising spend to make sure we’re as cost-effective as possible. ElpidaHome uses cookies provided by online measurement platforms such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick in order to determine how many people come  to our site  from different websites that host our media campaigns, which campaign messages were most effective in attracting people to the site  of Elpida Hope and what actions people take after clicking on one of our ads. This information allows us to cost-effectively plan future campaigns so that we don’t waste resources supporting refugee protection on sites with content that doesn’t interest our potential supporters.

Contact you on social media and identify more supporters who want to help refugees – Through cookies, we can target messages for you on social media platforms and identify other people online who are more likely to support our work and help refugees. This data is not used by service providers  for any purpose other than those described above. 

Third-party cookies

Some of the cookies you may receive when you visit the ELpida Home website  are not related to Elpida Home. For example, if you visit parts  of the Hope website that contain embedded content, such as YouTube videos or  Twitter feed, or contain a plug-in such as a Facebook Like button, you may receive cookies delivered by those   websites. As described above, we also use  third-party cookies for targeted advertising services and to monitor the performance of  our website in raising awareness and communication.

Elpida Home does not specify the settings or use of these  third-party cookies, so we recommend that you visit these websites for more information about  their cookies and applicable privacy policies.

Elpida Home cannot be held responsible for the privacy of data collected by websites  that they do not own or manage, even if those websites link to the website.  Modern web browsers provide the ability to disable all  cookies  or only  third-party cookies.

Personal Information

Elpida Home does not collect personal information, such as the name, mailing address, e-mail address, and other information of individual users, unless such information is voluntarily disclosed, for example by ordering a publication, making an online donation or subscribing to a newsletter. In such an event, Elpida Home will only use the personal information for the purpose for which it was disclosed.

Elpida Home does not sell, distribute or rent personal information collected on its websites.

Elpida Home relies on online service providers for the provision of services, such as hosting services, website traffic analysis, electronic newsletters, online surveys, online shopping carts and electronic payment solutions. 

If you are purchasing goods or services on the websites, you may be asked to provide your credit card details. These details are transferred to a secure online payment service provider, hosted outside Elpida Home. Elpida Home does not retain credit card information.

Elpida Home does not share personal information with any third party, unless it is related to the provision of services such as purchasing a publication, completing a survey or making a donation.

Elpida Home does not intend to either solicit or collect personal information from anyone under the age of 13 years. Individuals under the age of 13, should not use or enter information on the websites.


Nothing in these terms and conditions affects the privileges and immunities enjoyed by Elpida Home as a non-profit organization.


For any questions you may have about our policy you can contact us at

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