Abandoned Factory

Abandoned Factory Turned Into Home For Up To 700 Refugees In Greece

With refugee camps in Greece in dire conditions, advocates are looking to alternative and unconventional housing options.

An abandoned 6,000-square-foot textile factory has recently been repurposed to serve as a housing and medical facility for refugees in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Together with Frank Giustra, head of the Radcliffe Foundation, Amed Khan, a private investor and philanthropist, founded the Elpida Home Project. Khan was driven to create the refugee home after seeing the rough conditions refugees lived in in Greek camps.

“In Greece, the conditions in the camps are just horrendous, completely inhumane,” Khan said. “There are kids playing in sewage, tents out under the 110-degree sun. So I thought, either we could try to work in the camps and try to make them better, or we could do our own thing.”

Source: Huffington Post

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