Our Founder - Amed Khan

A Refuge for Hope

During the refugee crisis in Greece, Amed Khan found a way to bring humanity to an inhumane situation

Greece was the first step to freedom for refugees — mainly from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan — seeking safety in Europe. But the country, facing both political instability and the worst economic crisis in its modern history, was not prepared to handle the mass migration of refugees that represents the largest population movement since World War II.

“The scenes were as horrible as anything I have ever seen in any situation,” says Khan, who served as chief administrator and logistician for refugee camps in Tanzania following the Rwandan genocide in the 1990s.

But this was Europe, “theoretically, the leader of civilization on earth, a place of marvels, an unbelievable structure of efficiency,” he says. “How is it possible that people were coming on rubber boats, drowning, sleeping on the streets, and then being shuttled off somewhere?”

Khan’s trip sparked an idea — to build a refuge for people who had lost everything, a place where they could hold on to their dignity and privacy, and find some hope for the future.

Source: On Wisconsin

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