Elpida Home is an innovative non-profit organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece committed to providing a humane, dignified, and empowered living experience for refugees and other vulnerable groups.

Elpida Home looks to better the world by providing sustainable solutions in order to ensure successful integration to society.

With over 65 million people forcibly displaced globally, the world now faces the largest numbers of forced migration since WWII. Since 2014, over 2.5 million first-time asylum seekers have applied for international protection in the member states of the European Union (EU).

Over the last four years, Greece has become one of the main entry points for refugees entering the EU. At a time of economic hardship, Greece continues to shoulder a substantial share of the responsibility for this humanitarian crisis. As the process of relocation to countries of final asylum remains behind schedule, Greece and other Southern European states will continue to play a disproportionate role hosting asylum seekers.

It was in this environment that Elpída Home non-profit organization was formed. Seeing the shortcomings of the humanitarian response in Greece, Elpida Home took on the mission of developing a camp that could host displaced people in a more humane manner.