How Elpida Home Became A P3 Success Story And Refugee Safe Haven In Greece

In partnership with the Greek Ministry of Migration, Amed Khan worked with local partners to materialize a home for refugees in northern Greece. Funded initially by American philanthropist Amed Khan, along with support from Frank Giustra, Canadian businessman and philanthropist, Elpida Home was successfully launched in July 2016. The home itself currently provides shelter to 200 Syrian and Iraqi refugees and will soon house 600 people. In stark contrast to military camps, where canvas tents serve as makeshift refugee shelters and where safety is more of a concept than reality, Elpida Home provides every family with a room with a lockable door for privacy, fully functioning kitchens for making home-cooked meals, and programs for adults and children.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Sandra Hakim, Chief Community Liaison at Elpida Home, who engages with stakeholders across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to ensure that the home’s development and operations can be conducted smoothly. In our interview, she spoke about Elpida’s success story, bumps and all.


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