With its unique focus on providing a safe space for children and vulnerable cases, the population of Elpída Home features a lopsided demographic profile, where, on average, 60 percent of the residents at Elpida Home are below the age of 18. This makes children's education a crucial service for residents.

Children's Education


Elpida Home works closely with the Greek Ministry of Education to include residents in the Greek public education system. Elpida Home support the Greek governments initiative to include refugees in the formal educational system. This is viewed as the primary means of ensuring education for the residents of Elpida Home.

While the inclusion of residents in the Greece's education system is a positive development, challenges still exist. Elpida’s youth predominantly have a low level of exposure to formal education and face language limitations.  To address this Elpida has partnered with Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI), to provide morning classes designed to compliment and support the education residents receive. 

ERCI, through its education branch, ERCIedu, provides morning classes for all minors who live at Elpida Home. A team of experienced teachers provide language, math, and basic science education to children from 3 - 17 years. Teachers drawn from the community also provide Arabic-language education. Three different levels of education are provided based on age and educational level. ERCIedu's program has been approved by the Greek Ministry of Education. They are in constant exchange with the formal school teachers and the ministry representative to align their efforts.

ERCIedu is a non-traditional non-formal educational project that aims to support youth in refugee camps through innovative curriculum that provides them with the necessary life skills, incentives and language learning to prepare them for their next transition in life and social integration into the Greek and European society. ERCIedu aims to provide refugees with: language skills, numeracy, physical activity, life skills and social integration support, via classes of English, Math and their native language. Children and youth are encouraged to attend daily three one-hour sessions covering the three topics.

adult education

Elpida Home facilitates residents involvement in educational course in Thessaloniki. Transport support is provided to residents enrolled in off site educational course. 

Elpida Home and ERCI also work together to provide adult education classes and recreational activities onsite. Education for adult focuses primarily on language lessons.  


Recreational classes, activities and trips are also seen as a essential component of life at Elpida Home. Elpida Home aims to offer a wide range of activities; sports, music, art, yoga, fitness, agriculture projects, make up, women's parties (freedom to let their hair down), day trips.