Healthcare services at Elpida are provided by a coalition of NGOs coordinated by Elpida Home.  The health services provided are onsite medical care, medical referrals, health education, psycho social support and specialized antenatal care. 

Medical care

The provider of primary medical care at Elpida Home is Team Kitrinos, an NGO founded by medical practitioners in 2015 on Lesvos. Kitrinos operates a full-time clinic onsite from Monday to Friday 11am-7pm, and a half day Saturday. In addition to the clinic, Kitrinos provides a 24-hour medical on-call service for the camp, manages an onsite pharmacy, and develops protocols.

Their clinical services include: basic primary care, acute visits, chronic disease management, management of plans of care prescribed by specialists/hospitals, on-call medical support, basic pharmacy services, health education, clinical input regarding camp operations and public health concerns, coordination and support of mental health/protection agencies on site, and referrals to other specialties as needed. 

Kitrinos works closely with Elpida providing clinical input for the development and review of camp policies and practices. Kitrinos are also in the process of developing their own clinical guidelines. While these are prepared, they follow a combination of the UK based NICE guidelines and MSF clinical guidelines.

Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is provided by Nurture Project International. They also run weekly support group for women with newborn babies. 




Psychological and psycho social support services are available to all residents. A coalition of actors including MdM, TdH and IOM are coordinated by Elpida Home to ensure that a full spectrum of services are provided on a continuous basis.